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The Impossible Interviews: Levi Strauss

The Impossible Interviews: Levi Strauss

TRS: Mr. Strauss, you’re known for creating the classic American denim jeans. What inspired you to make this iconic piece of clothing?

Levi Strauss: Well, I’ll tell you, son, it wasn’t no flash of genius or anything like that. I was just tryna make some tough pants for the gold miners in California. They needed something that could hold up to the rough conditions of the gold rush, and denim fit the bill.



TRS: It’s been said that you were an immigrant to America. What was it like coming to a new country and starting a business from scratch?

Levi Strauss: It wasn’t easy, that’s for damn sure. I came over from Germany with nothing but the clothes on my back and a few dollars in my pocket. But I was determined to make something of myself in this new land, and I think I did alright for myself in the end.

TRS: Denim jeans have become a symbol of American culture and fashion. What do you make of this legacy that you’ve left behind?

Levi Strauss: To be honest with you, son, I never could have imagined that my simple work pants would become such an iconic piece of American fashion. But I’m damn proud of what I created, and I’m grateful that people still appreciate it all these years later.

TRS: Your jeans have been worn by everyone from cowboys to rockstars. Who do you think wore them best?

Levi Strauss: Haha, that’s a tough one. I’ve seen so many people wear my jeans over the years, it’s hard to pick just one. But I will say this – anyone who wears my jeans with pride and confidence, that’s who wears them best.



TRS: Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs and fashion designers out there?

Levi Strauss: My advice is simple – work hard, stay true to yourself, and never give up on your dreams. If you have a vision for something, go out there and make it happen. And don’t be afraid to take risks – sometimes the biggest rewards come from the biggest risks.



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