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Rugged Unplugged at The General Store: Phillip Bracken Live

Rugged Unplugged at The General Store: Phillip Bracken Live

Domenica 19 Maggio 19.30 / Sunday May 19th 7.30 PM
Rugged Unplugged: Phillip Bracken Live
Aperitivo (food and drinks) before the show included.


‘With an intense and intriguing voice Bracken expresses himself with effortless ease. Through lyrics. Through mantras. And always like a magnet.’ - Teraz Rock Magazine


Known for his evocative voice, warm stage presence, and a style that is both familiar and refreshing, Phillip Bracken was born in Gosford, Australia. Before finally settling in Sydney as a teenager he spent many years moving around with his family. It’s perhaps this early travel that set him on course to relocate with his own family to Poland in 2013.

A self proclaimed late musical bloomer Bracken wouldn’t take up songwriting until in his mid-twenties releasing his first EP, Everything Looks Better in Candlelight in 2008 at the age of 27. Likened to Ben Harper, David Grey, Nick Drake, and Jeff Buckley to name a few it was his spin on indie folk and ambient world music that brought about his introduction to Polish ethno jazz icon Jacek Mielcarek and led to two live recordings, The Opole Session (2012), and Live at Radio Opole (2015), as well as subsequent touring.



In September 2020 the Australian released the genre bending debut album Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind. Backed by the masterful trio of Mateusz Szemraj (Lion Shepherd, MOSAIC), Denis Dubiella (Hanimal), Wojciech Lubertowicz (Adam Strug, Masala Soundsystem) Wolf Ahead Tiger Behind takes a sonic voyage through funk, ambient folk, alt-country, indie-folk/rock and noir where delicate harmonies and ethereal banjos are pitted against punchy guitar lines and swirling organs.

“Once in a while a debut album comes out that will blow you completely upside down”. - Peter Marinus, Bluestown Music

Although touring opportunities were limited the pandemic still proved fruitful. The Australian’s music featured at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival in London, as part of the narrative to Not Alone, a short film by Jay Finocchiaro and Mycel Scheuer. In early 2023 Bracken stepped out from behind his guitar to feature on the album RIPTIDE by Italian composer Silvia Furlani. Having met in 2019 the two corresponded on several tracks while in lockdown with the Australian taking on writing and vocal duties.

Bracken also made two of his own releases in 2023. The ambient ballad  Les Moustiques”, with an accompanying video clip, gave audiences a glimpse of the songwriter behind the piano for the first time. Also hitting the airwaves was LIVE MAN / HIPISÓWKA, an acoustic live album. Recorded and photographed by good friend Grzegorz Gołębiowski (Oko Ucho Recordings) the album captures one of a series of raw and intimate concerts Bracken played in the Bieszczady mountains in Poland’s east in 2021 featuring the previously unreleased track “Something Beautiful” and an acapella version of "Not Alone".

‘Anyone who has had the opportunity to listen to Bracken knows how special this artist is. He freely combines folk, blues and soul, with the best traditions of songwriting. Live his music sounds exquisite and accompanied by guest musicians both the energetic and melancholic songs of Phillip are even more colourful.’



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