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Amuerte Gin - White Edition

Amuerte Gin - White Edition

The "Coca Leaf White" Gin from Amuerte distillery is a distillate with a unique and particular personality, produced in Belgium with Peruvian Coca leaves, with the addition of other carefully selected botanics.

Gin comes in the glass with a very interesting and surprising exotic taste. Its aromas are mainly characterized by spicy and tropical fruit notes, enhanced by vegetable, slightly herbaceous, and balsamic nuances.


The "Coca Leaf White" was born from an exotic suggestion of two young fans of distillates, who decided to use the leaves of Coca from the Peruvian rainforest as the main botanic of their gin. Gin was born from a series of trips of the two owners of the Amuerte distillery in search of the best botanics. The precious essences were chosen: juniper, cardamom, coriander, Sichuan pepper, tamarisk, oranges, red pepper, papaya, South American dragon fruit, Peruvian physalis, and finger lime.

The union with the Coca leaves, which lose their active ingredient during distillation , creates a set of intense and harmonious aromas, with a truly unusual taste.



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