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The French Chore Jacket

The French Chore Jacket

Workwear is synonym of craftsmanship and authenticity, terms that are best represented by the French Chore Jacket. The classic chore, blue, boxy, collared, with either three or four pockets, dates back to early 19th-century in France.


Photo Credits: Tom Gruat Private Collection

It was named bleu de travail (worker's blues) - because of the labourers who would wear it as uniform. Its bright blue hue arose from the simple fact that indigo was cheaper than other dyes, with its pockets designed for storing tools and bolts.

The rise of the chore jacket is often attributed to the photographer Bill Cunningham. Legend has it Cunningham picked up his cornflower blue coat from a French hardware store for $20, admiring its simple utility.


Today, the chore has established itself as a milestone of modern menswear.



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