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The History of the Deck Jacket

The History of the Deck Jacket

The deck jacket was developed as a utilitarian jacket for the navy army during World War II: in fact jackets for sailors needed to be warm, functional, and durable, especially when they used it under arctic conditions.

In 1943 it was introduced a new design: The N1 Deck Jacket that was warmer, windproof, and woolly on the inside. The general construction of the jacket combines a thick outer layer of “Jungle Cloth“ with a wool lining.


Firstly the models were in a dark navy blue/black but, after a short period of development, it was created the khaki/greenish version for better camouflaging purposes, both at sea and on landing operations. The khaki color allowed more liberal use of stencils to mark the jackets, typically with a “USN” branding on the front.


The N-1-style Deck Jacket is one of the best-remembered all-American classics and it looks very contemporary also today.


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